Our People

Our people are the reason for, and central to, our success.

smiling girl in blue uniform

Proactive, professional and people-centred

The provision of primary care services in restrictive environments is our very reason for being.

People are front and centre of our approach at Correct Care. We listen to their needs, we learn from experience and from best practice, and we take action to continually improve the services we offer our patients, the value we offer our clients and the working environment for our healthcare staff.

Our workforce includes permanent (full and part-time), casual, subcontractor and partner organisation staff. This highly flexible workforce model enables us to respond quickly as needs and demands change both at individual sites and across the system.

We are proud of what we do, and we’re even more proud of the fact that some of our staff have been with us since Correct Care was first established. The staff mix includes suitably qualified and credentialed nursing, medical and allied health professionals whose wide and varied assortment of skills ensures the delivery of safe, integrated and high-quality general and mental primary healthcare at each of the facilities.

Model of care

CCA’s vision of ‘Healthcare without judgement’ guides our values of accountability, commitment, continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and teamwork, and supports our clinical service delivery and professional relationships.

Our healthcare delivery is evidence-based and tailored to the unique health needs of patients in the restrictive environments in which we operate. We deliver a nurse-led model of care under the direction of a Health Service Manager (HSM) working with a multidisciplinary team, including nurses, doctors, dentists and allied health staff.

Our model supports the availability of nurses with advanced skills and knowledge in this complex area with nurse-led clinics enabling patients to access timely, person-centred and effective health and wellbeing care, the benefits of which include shorter wait times for triage, review and treatment, and medical staff being able to concentrate on more complex patients, leading to better clinical health and wellbeing outcomes.

Correct Care’s model supports a primary health model of care that is focused on healthy living and engaging with patients to promote self-management. Our services are delivered in accordance with the clinical needs of the individual.

Our team of people

  • Medical Officers
  • General Nurses
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Aboriginal Health Workers
  • Health Promotion Officers
  • Administrative Support Officers
  • Corporate Services
  • Human Resources
  • Education Team
  • Quality Team
  • Executive
  • Pharmacy Technicians