Our Correct Care team of professionals strive to create positive therapeutic environments for our patients through leadership, understanding, innovation and efficiency.

John Hoogeveen 24102019 300x200 - Leadership Team
John Hoogeveen, Managing Director, has 30 years of experience in health service delivery in clinical, operational, consulting and executive management roles and joined Correct Care Australasia in 2011. John directs all aspects of Correct Care Australasia’s operational and business functions. John holds a Bachelor of Nursing, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Bioethics and a Graduate Certification in Clinical Practice and Management (Cancer) and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Additionally, John held previous consulting roles in correctional health with The GEO Group Australia.
Dr Foti Blaher 22092019 300x200 - Leadership Team
Dr Foti Blaher, Chief Medical Officer, joined Correct Care in 2019. Foti is a medical practitioner with extensive custodial medical leadership and consulting experience including with the Victoria Police, Corrections Victoria and Australian correctional health providers. Foti has a keen interest in health service practice and healthcare team development, and the identification of technology-assisted practice innovations for patient care in correctional settings. He has primary responsibility, with the Chief Nursing Officer, to ensure the provision of quality care to our patients within the correctional environment, supported by health and well-being linkages upon release to the community. His collaborative and sound systems approach ensures beneficial interactions between medical, clinical and administrative staff in the delivery of Correct Care’s integrated healthcare services. He has specific interest in innovative delivery models for holistic provision of health and well-being and mental health services, and drug and alcohol medicine.
Christine Fuller 23092019 300x208 - Leadership Team
Christine Fuller, Chief Nursing Officer, is a registered nurse with 30 years of experience working in the healthcare sector, including 20 years of senior healthcare management experience in Victoria and New South Wales. Christine holds a Diploma of Nursing, a Bachelor of Nursing Administration and a Masters of Health Administration. Christine has filled diverse roles over her career, including executive positions, managing major departments and leading multidisciplinary organisation-wide projects. Christine joined Correct Care Australasia in 2011 with her areas of interest and experience being consultative leadership, developing the professional role of nurses and delivering quality care to patients. Christine is a current Board Director for the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) and a Graduate of AICD.
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David Gerrard, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and General Manager Corporate Services, joined Correct Care in 2020, is a qualified finance professional with senior executive experience in the public and private healthcare and not-for-profit sectors. David has over 20 years of senior and executive management experience leading transformative business services and strategic functions within multidisciplinary organisations. He is accomplished in the areas of financial risk management and governance, and is personally passionate about developing and empowering high performance teams. David has a Bachelor of Business, a Master of Business Administration, is a Certified Public Accountant and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Cindy Welsh 24102019 300x200 - Leadership Team
Cindy Welsh, General Manager Human Resources and Organisational Development, joined Correct Care in 2019 and had previously worked within healthcare, engineering, construction and management consulting sectors. Cindy has a solid background in general management, human resources, workplace health and safety, organisation development, leadership development and quality assurance. Cindy brings a wealth of experience developing leadership capability, maximising internal communication opportunities and driving employee engagement programs in organisations. In 2018, Cindy was awarded the Sir John Storey Outstanding Intentional Leadership Award from the Institute of Managers and Leaders, a national award that recognises commitment to leadership excellence and integrity and the encouragement of the highest ethical standards.


Wellpath – our parent company

Wellpath is the premier provider of localised, high-quality, compassionate care to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments. Wellpath delivers medical and behavioural healthcare through a family of local and state providers in correctional facilities, inpatient and residential treatment facilities, forensic treatment facilities and civil commitment centres. Wellpath employs nearly 15,000 professionals at 550 facilities in 36 states across America and Australia, and cares for more than 300,000 patients each day.

Wellpath was born out of the joining of two great companies — Correct Care Solutions and Correctional Medical Group Companies. These two organisations recognised the importance of putting patients first and providing high-quality care to an often overlooked population.

For more information, visit the Wellpath website.