“There are many challenges with the diverse range of conditions as well. I enjoy the variety of work where one day is never the same. The opportunity to provide an excellent Health Service through Correct Care Australasia helps me to fulfil my goals as a nurse.”
Michelle Cron
Tarrengower Prison

“I have been with Correct Care in correctional nursing for 7 1/2 years; and it is the best job in nursing I have ever had. It is challenging and can be frustrating at times, but most importantly it is very rewarding. I believe we make a huge difference to the inmates and we often see remarkable transformations in their health, wellbeing and attitudes”
Dianne Orr
Dhurringile Prison

“I like that once you gain respect from the prisoners they will respect you for being strong and also giving them the chance to make changes, even if it’s only small changes. The job definitely makes you become non-judgemental and treat each one with respect and empathy.”
Claudia Osario
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

“I have never worked in such amazing teams and I love learning from the people around me (from doctors, nurses, podiatrists, physios) and the teamwork is what drives me”
Jane Findlay
Barwon Prison

“For some, it is their first time in prison and having a nurse take a full assessment including immunisation history is important in decreasing the spread of preventable blood-borne viruses, and increasing the health knowledge of the men.”
Melissa Totton
Marngoneet Correctional Centre

“In many ways, our clients are at the very limits of clinical psychiatric need and have seen limited results in clinical outcomes. The opportunity to work with and gain positive outcomes for this group has given me a new level of career satisfaction.”
Price Dalrymple
Loddon Prison

“Opening up the lines of communication, following through and service provision fosters a trust in us as nurses and the service, which then ensures that they will be comfortable to access the health centre. This then helps to promote good health and responsibility and accountability for the women to look after their own health needs.”
Shelly Kay
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre