Correct Care Australasia provides primary health services to all 13 of Victoria’s publicly managed prisons, one transition centre in Victoria, the privately operated Ravenhall Correctional Centre and two Youth Justice Precincts, delivering primary mental health services at 15 sites. Primary health services are extensive and equivalent to those accessible in community settings, including a full range of allied health services and minor procedures.


Correct Care Australasia employs division 1 and 2 registered and mental health nurses . Most have a varied and wide experience to deal with a comprehensive range of health needs. Their responsibilities include: assessment of physical and psychiatric health needs; management of medical and psychiatric emergencies; suicide prevention; infection control; emergency care; health education to prisoners in areas such as sexual health, men’s health, women’s health, HIV, pharmacotherapy and medication management; pathology collection and the overall administration of the healthcare facilities.

General practitioner services

Regular medical sessions are provided at each site. After-hours medical care and referral to secondary and tertiary services is also organised to ensure a high quality of medical care consistent with community standards.

Allied health services

Correct Care Australasia provides dental, optical, podiatry, physiotherapy and audiology care through locally contracted providers.

Mental health services

Primary mental healthcare is provided by mental health nursing staff employed by Correct Care Australasia. Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners provided by Forensicare, the specialist mental health provider in Victorian public prisons, work in partnership with prison general practitioners and Correct Care Australasia mental health nursing staff in caring for prisoners experiencing mental illness.