About Us

Correct Care provides efficient, evidence-based health services and is committed to providing transparency and accountability to our partner agencies.

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Correct Care Australasia was first registered in 1997 as Pacific Shores Healthcare (PSH), a subsidiary of Australasian Correctional Management (ACM) and commenced healthcare delivery at nine public prisons in Victoria on 1 January 1998.

In 2004 ACM became known as GEO Australia Pty Ltd. PSH continued unchanged until 2011 when it underwent a name change, resulting from a major corporate restructure and change to ‘GEO Care’. Correct Care Solutions (CCS) acquired GEO Care in 2014, including its Australian operations. GEO Care Australia then became a part of a division of CCS known as Correct Care Recovery Solutions (CCRS). In January 2015, GEO Care Australia changed its name to Correct Care Australasia to reflect this change in ownership.
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Our Organisation Today

Correct Care Australasia provides health services to the privately operated Ravenhall Correctional Centre and Malmsbury and Parkville Youth Justice Precincts.

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Our Future

Correct Care Australasia is a forward-focused organisation, continually looking for new opportunities to grow our business and provide high-quality health services to all of our patients. We continue to seek and grow with our existing and new partners to continually improve our services and embrace innovation.